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Remember our Primary School in Yei, Sudan. We were thrilled and thanked God when we achieved our target with the building of this school in Payawa village. (pronounced Pa-YA-wa!). Over 300 children are now being taught in its 2 classrooms, with overspill classes in the Administration area, the old thatched school and under the large tree.

Bishop Hilary of Yei Diocese expressed his appreciation and has asked us if we could possibly finance another block of 3 classrooms as the need is so great. As a Parish we have agreed to do this, in partnership with Delgany Parish and CMS Ireland as before. It will commit us in Kill to raising €12 250 over a period of 3 years. We appreciate that during this recession many people are extremely hard pressed, but we also know that many in Kill are willing to share with those whose plight is much worse than our own. We feel the target is achievable. This leaves us with the challenge to respond with the love and empathy we showed before. Above all we need to continue praying faithfully for the children in Payawa, their parents, their church and Bishop Hilary.

Heather Jackson, Rosie Hunt, Karen Ruddock, Michael Lynn, David Williams

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Website: www.johnandpoppy.org.uk
Charity: www.thebrickworks.org.uk

UK contact details:
Address: 7 Orient Drive, Winchester, Hants, SO22 6NZ
Telephone: 01962 841812.
E-mail: j.spens@btinternet.com or johnandpoppy@yeivtc.com

Yei contact details:
Address: Yei Vocational Training College, c/o MAF, PO Box 1, Kampala, Uganda.
Telephone: 00 256 477 100907 or 00 256 477 208533.
E-mail: johnandpoppy@yeivtc.com and poppy.spens@gmx.com


Gillian Olaaka,
Oasis Uganda Country Director
P.O. Box 3518, Kampala, Uganda.
Tel.: +256 (0)77 230 1199
E-mail: olaaka@crosslinks.org
Web: www.oasisuganda.org or www.oasisglobal.org