Teenage devotional 23rd- 29th of March

How can I have Joy in times like this?
Right now, the world is different. No one saw this coming and all the plans we had have changed. Some of us had the stresses of exams and life and uncertainty has been now added. But we have all heard the idea of always rejoicing, even when things are hard. We still often ask “how can I have joy in times like this?”
In this devotion we will be looking at the subject of Joy.
You will need

  1. Bible

  2. YouTube access

  3. A pen and Paper

  4. A willing person to discuss ideas with

First watch the video Word Study: Chara - "Joy" by The Bible Project


Screenshot (22)

Watch it as many times as you need.

  • Note down any Bible verses or examples they give.

  • Write what you liked

  • Write what you didn’t understand

  • If you are art inclined, recreate your favourite image from it.

Read Philippians 1:3 – 11 and answer some quick questions

  1. What gives the writer Joy?

  2. What is the Hope that he had for the Philippians?

Notice how it is the faith of others that helps the writer (Paul) have Joy.

The Video mentions Paul, who while in prison wrote letters of Love and Joy to his friends, he lived a life where he saw a lot and lived through a lot of rough and discouraging times but still chose Joy.

It is important that we not ignore how we feel. That isn’t good for us and won’t help us in the long run.
Discuss with those around you

  1. What are the things you miss?
  2. What are the things you have found? (The things that have or are bringing you Joy in this time)
  3. What are the ways you can choose Joy in this time?
  4. What things can you do to help others choose Joy?

It might feel like this is never ending or that we are alone. But we have so much these days. We have incredible access to our friends and loved ones. And at the end of the day we always have Prayer and the Love of God.
Turn the phone off, take out the headphones and spend some time praying. Thank God for the amazing things we have, talk to God about the things we miss. Talk to God about how you feel about all this.
Remember, you don’t need any magic words to talk to God. Start with Dear God, end with Amen and above all be honest.