What we Believe


We are disciples of Jesus Christ, worshippers of God the Holy Trinity (Father, Son and Holy Spirit) and subscribers to the Creeds of the early Church.

In keeping with Anglican theology, our beliefs and practices derive from Scripture, reason and tradition.  We are Catholic in holding all the Christian faith in its fullness and being part of the one worldwide Church of God.  We are Reformed in believing that the Church’s life should be aligned with Scripture and that the Church should only require its members to believe those doctrines to which Scripture bears witness. 

In seeking to align our lives individually and as a body with the Scripture, we seek to follow the example of the first followers of Jesus by:

Getting Connected

We seek to be a welcoming community and to cultivate Christian fellowship (e.g. Acts 2:44-47)

Growing Up

We embrace the need to deepen our discipleship by learning more about God’s heart and purposes (e.g. Acts 18:24-28)

Glorifying Him 

We celebrate God and his work in our corporate worship and in our daily lives (e.g. Acts 16:23-34)

Giving Back 

We recognize how much God has given us and delight in stewarding and offering back to him our gifts/talents (e.g. Acts 4:32-37) and financial resources (e.g. Acts 6) for his work. 

Going Out 

We look for ways to share the good news of God’s redeeming work with those beyond our community who wish to learn more about Him (e.g. Acts 8:27-40)