Parish Update 03 Apr 2020 


Dear Friends,

As we approach Holy Week in these strange times, I want to let you know of a few things that we will be providing during this time of keeping one another loved and safe.

  • We will continue to have our services uploaded onto our website this coming week.
  • In addition to our regular service times we will be uploading two Devotions each day throughout Holy Week.
  • For our families there is an online camp that SU are providing for those of you that would be interested. Click on the following link.
  • Please continue to keep contacting one another and checking in with family, neighbours and friends. This is how, as a church, we keep connected, by connecting as God has connected with us.
  • If you have any needs, we have a team of people who are willing to help, just contact us at or

The Archbishop gave a good Easter message in the time we all face. Here is a short excerpt from his thoughts...

“My advice is simple and it is threefold: stay in; stay safe; stay with God.

St John 20.19, 20: The risen Christ came and stood among his disciples and said, Peace be with you. Then were they glad when they saw the Lord.

Let us share safely the peace of Christ with those who suffer from the coronavirus, with their loved ones, with those who are front line carers, with those who continue to provide us with essential services and with scientists and researchers.”

May you know and experience the Peace of God and the Hope of the Resurrection at this time,