Bible Study Week 2 - Spreading Joy when needed the most!

Last week we thought a little bit about how we can help ourselves and choose Joy, even through the Chaos and stress. This week we are going to think about others and how we can help them through this.
You will need

1. Bible
2. A Pen and Paper
3. A willing person to discuss with
4. A postage stamp and envelope
5. friend/family member you’d like to write a letter too
6. Access to YouTube

Watch the Bible Projects video on Philippians
It is an overview of the whole book. We will be looking at the whole book, over the next few weeks, but today we will only look at chapter 2.
Overview: Philippians

Screenshot (23)

What do you know about Paul the Apostle?

Write down as much as you know, ask you willing discussion person what they know

Who wrote this letter?

Paul did a lot of great things in his life, from his conversion and his encountering of Jesus, he worked hard to set up churches and see that the Gospel was spread far and wide.

In his travels, Paul worked with a lot of amazing people, and set up so many churches, all the while equipping people to continue his work after he has moved on. One was Timothy, regarded as a younger character in the Bible, Timothy worked with Paul and was even sent out to help churches and care for them when Paul couldn’t. For more info on Timothy read the book Timothy, it’s a great book.

One of the first Churches he set up was a Church in Philippi. The city of Philippi was a strong supporter of Rome and some even say that it was filled with retried solders. So, the news that Jesus was King of all was a hard message for them. The Church in Philippi was oppressed and hated by the city. And Paul had a lot of Love for that Church.

The Letter Paul writes to his friends in Philippi was written from Prison after Epaphroditus came to Paul with supplies. (Food, Money, messages from Philippi.

Read Philippians 2:19-30
1. What Does Paul hope Timothy will do with/for the Philippians?
2. How does Paul refer to Epaphroditus?
3. Why is it important to Paul to send Epaphroditus back?

Paul is writing a letter from physical isolation to a people in social isolation via their mutual friend Epaphroditus. Epaphroditus came with food, supplies and kind words and even risked his safety to do so.

Thankfully we are not being called to risk our lives, but we are still called to care for others in any way we can.

Write down how we can provide care to our loved ones and communities in this time of Covid-19.

Discuss with your willing person what they have done and the stories that you have both heard about people providing care in this time.

Just because we are in Isolation (Like Paul) Doesn’t mean we can’t provide or receive care, just because we can’t make a trip to someone doesn’t mean can’t provide or receive care. As unexpected and new this situation the world is in feels, the Bible is no stranger to this, and you are not alone in it.

Write a letter to someone.

It could be a friend or a family member. It could be someone who might be living alone or with a big family, as long as it is someone you care about. I encourage you to write it with pen and paper, although typing a printing can be easier. Writing by hand adds a personal touch.

Don’t worry there are no magic words you need to say, you don’t need to act like everything is awful, you can have fun and write some jokes. A letter is a great way to remind someone you are thinking about them.
Let us pray

Take the headphones off, go to somewhere you are comfortable and make sure not to bring the phone. Thank God for the people you love, the people who have cared for you and pray for those you love, pray for anyone you feel might need a little more care.