Parish Prayer Event - 28.04.20 

D Shepherd & Rev. A Breen


Hi Everyone,

Hope your week has started smoothly in the sunshine…!

In times past, some have gathered on Tuesday evening at 7pm to pray together as a church. Taking inspiration from Paul’s commitment to prayer during his own lockdown in Rome we wanted to think about how we could pray together but apart as a church despite our current circumstances (click here to listen to the service, if you missed it).

Our hope and suggestion is that this Tuesday at 7pm, as many of us as possible within our community would take some time out to pray ‘apart but together’.


For those who are able leave their homes during these restricted days, you may wish to take a prayer walk, and pray for your homes, neighbours and our church community. 

We are very aware that for some people going out for a walk is not possible due to the cocooning that has been put in place by the government. Please know that as you pray, in however is possible, you are all also being prayed for. 

For whom?

  1. People afflicted: We ask God to comfort those who suddenly find their lives torn apart by grief, loss, fear and trauma and the effects of social distancing, isolation.
  2. People who are on the front-lines: We pray for protection for essential workers including those working in the medical services, who are putting themselves at risk for the sake of others.
  3. Pastors and Priests: We ask God to give courage to church leaders seeking to bring Christ’s presence and hope in the midst of trauma and profound questions of pain.
  4. Politicians and police: We ask God to give clarity and wisdom to government agencies and NGOs, blessing and supporting their efforts to help us get through the current crisis.

While our prayers may start apart, by the time they reach our Father in Heaven they will be together J.

David and Alan