Teen Bible Study week 7: ?News of great Joy

Back in Philippians we first learned about Paul and the joy that he gets from hearing news about his friends from far away, about how he wants to send Timothy to them to take care of them and bring more news back to Paul. Paul loved the Thessalonians in many of the same ways. Today we will look a little at Paul and how he sends care and support from a far.

What you will need
  1. Bible
  2. Pen and Paper
Read 1 Thessalonians 2:17 – 20, 3:1 – 13
  1. How does Paul describe the Thessalonians? (verses 19-20)
  2. What did Paul send Timothy to do?
  3. What encouraged Paul in verse 7?
  4. What 3 things does Paul pray for? (verses 11-13)

Last week we learned about The Thessalonians and how they lived on a Roman crossroad. They were preaching a message that was counter to the culture that they lived in. Because of this they often were persecuted for what they believed.

But through out all this Paul was still filled with Joy when he heard about what was happening!

In verse 7 Paul says, “Therefore brothers and sisters, in all our distress and persecutions we were encouraged about you because of your faith” (NIV). Although thankfully we do not live in a world where we as Christians could be killed in Ireland for our faith, it is still not easy to live a faith in the schools we attend. But we can learn about how others in the past have been encouraged and have encouraged others in their faith in hard times.

Do you often feel discouraged to show/live/explore your faith in your culture?

What would encourage you?

Paul wrote letters in good and bad times to try and encourage his friends all over the place. He also took joy from hearing the good stories from his friends about what they are doing.

Consider doing the same. Do you have a friend who you think needs some encouragement?

Sending a simple message asking ‘how they are’ can mean a lot to someone.

You don’t need to write a letter; you can do this with your phone or whatever way you feel most comfortable.

Spend some time praying, God is the ultimate encourager and will be there for you when need him.

Remember all you have to start with is Dear God and end with Amen.