Bible study week 10: An Intro to Mark and Jesus 

We have spent the last 9 weeks looking at the books of Philippians and Thessalonians. Both these groups had heard the message of Jesus without actually meeting him themselves. They still believed and lived a life that was radically different from the one they had grown up in.

At this point it is good to go back to the source of this teaching, the person who we believe in.

What you will need

  • Pen and Paper
  • Access to Youtube
  • A Willing person to discuss with
  • A Bible
What is your picture of Jesus?

On an A4 page draw a picture of Jesus. On the same page write out

  1. What he did
  2. What he taught
  3. What he would be like to talk too

Keep this page. The goal is that at the end of the Book of mark we compare the two and see what may or may not have changed.

Ask your willing person the same questions

  1. What did he do?
  2. What did he teach?
  3. What it would be like to talk to him?

Write out what they say on a different sheet. Is there anything you haven’t heard before? Is there anything you disagree with?
We all have our own image of Jesus and it can be easy to forget that Jesus isn’t a character in a book, Jesus isn’t a fictional character that only exists within the framework of a book. Jesus was and is a real person that walked here on earth, that spoke to people and had an affect on the world we live in.

Asking who Jesus is and what he did is a good thing. Learning about Jesus and about what he did can teach us a lot about this world and God’s heart for it. Don’t be afraid to ask questions!

Watch the video on Mark by the Bible project.

Keep that description of Jesus that you put together. We will look at it again at the end.
Take some time to pray. Pray that Jesus is revealed and that the questions you have can be answered.