Bible study week 11: Mark Chapter one, the story going forward

Last week we took some time to think about who we believe Jesus and our current image of him. Keep that work in mind as we go forward, think about what you are reading and what the Bible is saying. See if your view of Jesus changes are we look at the Gospels.

A good thing to remember about the Gospels is that they are as much Historical as they are persuasive. The Word Gospel means good news, Mark is bringing some news about Jesus, about who Jesus is and what he did. He wants the reader to receive this good news and believe.

What you will need

  1. Bible
  2. Pen and Paper

Too look at this chapter we will first focus on the verses 1- 15

Read Mark 1:1-8
John the Baptist is a really interesting character. He was also predicted in the Old testament like Jesus was (See Old Testament quote in verse 2 and 3) and was meant to be Elijah reborn. He acted like Elijah and even dressed like him!

  • What was John the Baptist doing?
  • How would you react to someone like this?

At the end of this section John tells us someone greater to come. In the next section we see who that greater person is.

Read Mark 1:9-13
John has been Baptising and preaching telling people about this greater person to come. And then we see Jesus.

  • What do we learn about Jesus in verse 11?

The “Wilderness” in the Bible is an interesting concept, some have found God there, but also a place where people are alone, and evil can be found. Its often seen a place that humans have no control over.

  • Who does Jesus meet in the Wilderness?

When Jesus was in the Wilderness being tempted (some versions may also say tested). We remember the story of Lent when Jesus was in the Desert.
Read Mark 1:14-15

  • What (in your own words) is the message Jesus brings in verse 15?

With Jesus’ arrival he is bringing good news, John preached this when he spoke about someone greater to come. But what is the kingdom of God? Why do we need to repent? Next week we will look at Jesus’ ministry and see how that good news is affecting the earth and learn about these ideas

Have a think about what you have read. Is any of this new? Is any of this expected?

End in prayer. We are doing this to get to know Jesus and prayer is another great way of doing that.