Bible study week 14: How Did Jesus live?

It seems like it’s a straightforward question “how did Jesus live?” This week lets go beyond the easy answers and think about what it would be like to walk in his shoes. What was it like to be friends with Jesus, what Jesus was like with his family, his community. This week we will look at chapter three and start to see how some of his work was lived out in his world.

What you will need
  • Bible
  • Paper and Pen
Read Mark 3:1-6
  1. What do you think Jesus meant by his question in verse 4?
  2. What did Jesus feel in verse 5? Why?
The Synagogue was/is the Jewish place of worship. It is their equivalent of a church, a place to come together, hear Gods word and live in community. Jesus being at the Synagogue would have been expected, so the man finding him there was no accident, the big problem was that in the OT Law, you couldn’t work on the Sabbath, Jesus healing on this day would be a breach of that one Law. Jesus gets them to question, is healing working? Is it right to ignore what is good?

Read Mark 3:7-19
  1. Why did Jesus want a boat? What did he do on the boat?
  2. What did he appoint the twelve to do?
Jesus and what he did was no secret, it might seem odd that Jesus wanted a boat to get away from the crowds, but Jesus was aware of a greater need. Jesus wanted these people to know God, so instead of using the boat to get away, he used it as a platform to preach from, a place where all could hear him. It’s at this early point we see Jesus start to spread the work, he appoints people to be with him, people to be sent to do his work.

Read Mark 3:20-34
  1. What is Jesus’ point in verses 23-27?
  2. Why did Jesus’ family come looking for him?
  3. How do you think the family felt?
Its often forgotten that Jesus’ family were human, and although Mary and Joseph knew who Jesus’ was, they would still have their own expectations as to what will happen when Jesus starts to preach. They were probably worried about what would happen to Jesus. But this chapter has shown us that Jesus has his eyes fixed on the call that God has given him. This isn’t Jesus excluding his family, he is including anyone who does Gods will. His family couldn’t imagine what was to come, it’s not a surprised they were worried.

Remember that Jesus came down for a reason, we will learn more about that reason as we continue in this book, Jesus has shown us that he wouldn’t let anyone hold him back from what needs to be done. This book will later show us the role his family and friends play in his amazing mission.

What might be the things or people holding you back from your call?

Pray to God about this, often little problems now can be sorted and never get too big to handle.