Teen Bible Study Week 15: What did he teach? 

The teaching of Jesus is an amazing thing. It has impacted the world in amazing ways, it is something that often goes against what humans would figure is best. So many different groups and movements have tried to use and identify with this teaching. So far the book of mark has shown us a lot of situations where Jesus does amazing signs while teaching. Here in chapter 4 we start to read some of the parables that Jesus used to teach.

What you will need

  • Bible
  • Pen and Paper

Jesus taught mainly through Parable. A parable is a simple story with a moral or spiritual lesson. Parables are effective way to challenge someone’s actions without calling them out or attacking them.

Read Mark 4:1-20

  1. What were the 4 types of ground the seed fell on?
  2. How did Jesus explain each type?
  3. Which, in your opinion, do you see most in teens today? Why?

An interesting aspect to this Parable is the understanding that people would have had at the time. Soil wasn’t bad and unusable; it might just need work. This call to be the good soil isn’t saying that you are one of these, and you better hope you are the good one. Its saying that all soil can be worked on, why not make yourself the good soil?

Read Mark 4:21-34

  1. What three ways does Jesus describe the kingdom of God?
  2. What do these three parables tell you about the kingdom of God?

There are two important things to see in these verses. First, the titles are often deceiving, they are a great help for finding the different parables, but don’t think that are separate. These three parables are all talking about the same thing, the kingdom of God.

In Mark 1:15 Jesus announces that the kingdom of God is here, now he is starting to tell us what it means.

How would you describe the kingdom of God?

Write down your answer and keep what you wrote. As we continue, go back, and look at your answer. Is it changing? What remained the same? What did you learn?

Next week we will finish off the chapter and look at Jesus calming the storm.

Take some time to pray. Have a think about these parables. What kind of soil are you? Do you keep the kingdom hidden?

Its ok if you find these hard to answer, write out your thoughts and bring that to God.